We provide all kinds of investigation services in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Haryana, Kolkata, and all over India. We are one of the top private detective agencies located in Mumbai. You can trust our detective agency as we have the most experienced and highly skilled detectives operating all over India.


1) Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigation
Our detective agency offers both Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigation services. In Pre matrimonial investigation we give detailed information about family background, Financial status, Character of the bride or the groom, nature, education, medical history, etc. In Post Matrimonial Investigation we help our clients by giving information regarding extramarital affairs, any other suspicious activity, etc.

2) Divorce Case Investigation
Our detective agency provides services for Divorce Case investigations in Mumbai and all over India. In a Divorce case investigation, we include a complete check of your Partner’s Personal information, Love affairs, Financial stability, Physical Health information, Loyalty test, Info regarding any addiction, etc.

3) Missing Person Investigation
DSP Bureau also provides missing person investigation services, with having a huge network of detectives all over India we also have mastery in this field.

4) Blackmail Investigation
Blackmail has become increasingly simple to instigate with hacking or invasion of privacy through social networks. With our expertise, our investigators can help you to reveal the blackmailer and try to locate them.

5) Advocate & Legal Services
Our detective agency has an In-house legal service we have an expert team of 20 lawyers who provide legal and advocacy services to our clients in all India.

6) Sniffer Dogs Investigation
We are experts in Sniffer Dogs and Patrolling (Guard) dog services. We have trained dogs that have worked for the Government as well as the private sector.

7) Sting Operation Services
Hiring our agency for sting operation services would be beneficial as we have highly professional tools and we have experienced and expertise detectives who can conduct sting operations with high-level security.

8) Shadowing & Surveillance
DSP Bureau has a team of experts for shadowing and surveillance job we provide detailed information on the subject. Our services are highly professional and we give 100 % authentic reports to our clients.

9) Counselling Services
Our private detective agency gives counseling services to our clients we have a team of  professional and  expertise counselors which gives assistance and guidance to resolve any type of personal or physical problems.


1) Pre Employment Investigation
Nowadays Hiring a loyal employee has become very important for companies, therefore, our detective agency provides critical information that protects your business and employment. We conduct proper background verification which includes criminal checks, previous jobs details, personal information, etc.

2) Movable & Immovable assets
We provide information regarding movable and immovable assets of the suspect along with proper evidence which can be used for loss recovery by financial institutions and private entities.

3) Due Diligence Investigations
Before entering into a business contract, financial relationships or considering legitimate action often needs a due diligence investigation and our investigation agency have a dedicated team of investigators for providing due diligence services to our clients.

4) Post Employment Investigation
Sometimes a trusted employee becomes an undercover agent for your competitors who might be leaking your company’s secret information to them therefore a background verification is mandatory for such suspects. We at DSP Bureau give a proper check along with high-level secrecy.

5) Bugging & Debugging Services
For Bugging, we provide highly modern equipment which can be hidden easily for monitoring conversations and actions. For Debugging we also have counter-surveillance devices that can help you to detect bugs.

6) Insurance & Fraud Investigation
We can help you to investigate Insurance-related frauds our investigators will assemble evidence regarding your case and help you to recover your losses.

7) Spurious Goods Investigation
Our detective agency is engaged in offering Spurious Product Investigation services. We will help you to identify the spurious product and their manufacturers and give you detailed information about them along with proper evidence.

8) Forensics Experts
DSP Bureau has expertise in providing forensic services such as Fingerprints Analysis, Handwriting Analysis, Voice Analysis, Etc. Our private detective agency has a dedicated team of forensic experts who works for us for the last 30 years.